Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to Rent or Buy?

  • How can I rent an item?

We offer you our "Home Trial" service which is the base of any order. Browse your style through our collection here. Select up to 3 dresses to try at home for FREE for the first trial. The courier representative will wait for 45 minutes till you try the dresses, pick the perfect one to rent and return the rest to our representative.

If you are looking for a bridal dress, book an appointment here to come and visit our fitting room located at New Cairo. You will meet our fashion stylist to help you find the most terrific dress for your big night. 

  • How do I receive the item after submitting my order?

In Cairo, we deliver your items in the next day if ordered before 6:00 PM.

  • How much do I pay for shipping?

First Home Trial you order is FREE of any charge. However, starting from your second Home Trial, there is a shipping fee of 150 EGP for Trials delivered in Cairo. For other cities, a different fee is applied.

First Home Trial you order is FREE of any charge. However, starting from your second Home Trial, there is a shipping fee of 150 EGP for Trials delivered in Cairo. For other cities, a different fee is applied.

  • How many days can I keep the item?

You can enjoy any item for 3 days. You receive it one or two days before your event and our courier representative picks it up on the day following your event. You can also extend the rental period up to 8 days and pay 25% extra on the rental fees.

  • Is there an insurance fee?

There's a 30% insurance fees of the rental price charged for rented dresses. You receive back the full fee after 7 days after you return the dress.

  • Are all the items on La Reina used?

La Reina rents out both, new items from latest fashion local designers and pre-owned items from dress owners. 

  • How do I make sure about the quality of items?

We receive all items in ideal condition, as we have our dedicated team specialized in dresses maintenance. We ensure our delivered item is in a perfect manner.

  • Does La Reina have a physical location that I can visit?

La Reina is an online platform where we deliver your dresses right to the comfort of your home to save your time, effort and money. Browse your style through our latest collection, select up to 3 dresses to try at home first time for FREE. Pick the ideal dress for your upcoming occasion. 

We offer a fitting experience for all the brides out there preparing for their big day. If you are looking for your bridal gown, a fitting appointment is required to try a wide variety of extraordinary dresses. Browse our bridal collection and select the ones you want to try on for your fitting appointment.

  • How can I pay for my Rentals or Purchases?

We accept cash on delivery payments and online payments using Visa and MasterCard credit/ debit card. 

  • How can I cancel my order?

Cancelling procedures are applicable through informing our stylist or contacting us on our website chat. Full payment will be refunded if you cancelled the order within 3 days after placing it. However, if the ordered was cancelled after 3 days and up to 10 working days of placing it, 50% of the payment will be deducted. 

  • What do I do if the dress I ordered doesn’t fit?

If you received your home trial and the dresses did not fit, contact us through phone or reaching our website chat. We will deliver another Home Trial that suits you FREE of any charge.

  • What are the shipping procedures?

La Reina delivers all over Cairo and Alexandria. If you are located in Cairo, you can simply select the day, time, and precise location where you would like to receive your order, along with the exact day and time you would like to request a pick up. 

  • Can I reschedule my delivery/ pick up date?

You can easily reschedule your delivery date and timing through contacting us or reaching our website chat.

  • Do I pay anything if I didn’t return the item on time?

A 20% charge of the rental fees is applied as a late fee for not returning dresses back on the scheduled date. 

Looking to Sell or Lend your items?

  • How do I lend my items on La Reina?

You can lend and sell your item on La Reina quite easily:

  1. Register/login with your account

'Add New Product' to submit your dresses

2. Fill in the item Submission form

All you have to do is attach photos of your dress for us to process them. Don't worry, we professionally photograph your submission later.

3. Choose and approve your final payout

We provide you with an advisory price for selling and renting of your item. Once you approve the price on your products dashboard, this will be the amount you will receive plus our services that we provide; we add a nominal commission on top of your selected payout (30% on Wedding dresses and 50% on Evening Dresses)

4. Send your dress to us OR request pick up

Request a pick up and our courier representative will pick it up from you. Or you can simply send us your item to:

La Reina

14 A, North Investors 

New Cairo

We receive items dry-cleaned, without hangers or original covers.

5. We do the rest!

We prepare the photoshoot for your item and publish it on the site within 15 days from the time we receive it!

  • Do I get my money instantly after lending my item?

La Reina follows a consignment method of renting, which means that we pay you after the item is rented or sold.

  • What is the agreement duration for my item?

We offer a 5 months lock-in consignment period for evening dresses and 4 months period for bridal ones. This means that we require you to leave your items with us so we can easily process, photograph, publish your item and make sure they are available for fittings.

  • Is there a fee associated for renting or selling my item?

La Reina receives a commission of 30% on Wedding dresses and 50% on Evening ones. The selling price of any item includes both your payout and our commission.

  • Do I pay any fees if my item is not rented or sold?

We ensure there are no charged fees in this case as we will bear all expenses.

  • On which criteria do you set prices for my items?

We have a team of professional stylists who follow the international criteria in setting prices. We offer you a price after researching the estimated rental and retail prices of the dress, and its resale value. We also consider the condition of the item, its style, design and the extent to which it is considered trendy.

  • Do I receive the price including your commission?

La Reina’s commission is added to the price we offer you along with your payout.

  • How is my payout calculated? How is the commission structured?

Dress owners get 50% of the rental price for evening dresses and 70% for wedding dresses.

  • How do I send my dress to La Reina?

We offer a free pick-up for your items within Cairo, via our trusted courier representatives. If you want to send your item yourself, please securely package your dress and send them to us at:

La Reina

14A, North Investors

New Cairo

  • How do I make sure you received my item?

You can simply check your profile 'dashboard' to track your dress and its status.

  • What happens after you receive my item?

Once we receive your dry-cleaned dress, we check its condition and prepare the best shoot for it to publish on our website! This process can take up to 20 days from the day of receipt. You can visit ‘My Products' section and view the status of your item.

  • How to guarantee that my items are safe with La Reina?

Your dress is securely stored in our temperature controlled warehouses, equipped with safes and lockers to make sure your dress is in the best condition. Cameras are installed to keep a check our inward and outward logistics. Each and every item that we receive is insured for fire, theft and other unforeseen situations.

  • What if I want to wear my items?

You can notify us 48 hours in advance either through the in-app messaging system, email, or contact us to deliver the dress to you within 2 business days. 

  • Why should I lend my item?

Lending allows you to retain ownership of your item, so you can always have the option of wearing it again. Besides, renting enables you to get more revenue rather than selling.

  • How do I know that my item got rented?

The moment an order of your dress is completed. You receive an SMS informing you with the amount of money added to your wallet and you can always check transactions on your account. We recommend you login regularly to your account and check the status of your item and see how many times it was dispatched in Home Trials and got ordered.

  • How do I receive my money?

All your payments will be processed every 3 months transferred via cheques. Procedures of processing payments might take around 10 days.

  • Does La Reina accept any dress?

La Reina reserves the right to reject items that we don’t find suitable to our demand, or are not in sellable condition. Regarding wedding dresses, we accept only Designer/ haute couture. For evening ones, we accept certain designers for their popularity and resale value. Items get rejected after the online submission or after the physical evaluation.

  • What happens if my dress got rejected after the physical check?

For items that are not accepted after quality check, La Reina contacts you to arrange a return. If we are unable to reach you for 3 months, the item will be donated to charity.

  • What if I no longer want to rent or sell my dress?

Should you wish to get your dress back after the agreement period, we cover the cost of shipping for your dress. If you want to get your dress back during the agreement period, the cost of return shipping will be borne by you.

In case of you requested your dress back within the agreement period, a minimum charge of 3,000 EGP per item will be deducted for the evening dresses and 5,000 EGP for wedding dresses.

  • What are the procedures of taking my item back?

Taking your dress back depends on whether the agreement period is over or not. Dresses of which their agreement period is over are returned immediately upon your prior request.

If you decide to withdraw your dress that is still under the agreement period, please email us at [email protected] or contact our social media pages and we will arrange to return your dress within 15 days. However, your dress might still get rented within those 15 days you will still receive your payout in full.

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If you have lost your password, you can reset it on your My Profile page.

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